Adoption in Florida

  • Florida has some of the best Adoption Laws in the Country. Birth parents may be provided living expenses during pregnancy and for 30 days after birth.

  • Birthparents may not change their mind or "revoke" when they have signed a consent for adoption in Florida unless the child is older than six months, in which case they have three days to change their mind. Parental consent is not necessary in an adult adoption. 

  • Adoptions in Florida may be finalized in 90 days.

  • Ms. Danciu has finalized over 2000 adoptions in her career.


Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy

  • Both types of Surrogacy are legal in Florida. In fact, Florida has some of the best Surrogacy laws in the world.

  • The Gestational Surrogate in Florida, may not keep a child she gives birth to.

  • A Traditional Surrogate (artificial insemination) has 48 hours after birth to rescind her consent. A surrogate may be paid living expenses during the process.

  • Ms. Danciu personally locates and selects surrogates for her clients. She and her staff of experienced paralegals assist in all steps in the process in addition to the legal, such as securing medical care and providing the financial assistance to the surrogate as outlined in your contract. 

  • Ms. Danciu will secure a pre birth  Order giving the Intended parent or parents rights at their child's birth. She will then obtain a post birth Order placing the intended parent's name on their child's birth certificate. Their is no "adoption" of your child and you will not need to attend Court. Their also is no residency requirement.

  • Ms. Danciu has handled hundreds of Surrogacy matter since Surrogacy became legal in Florida in 1992. Her Surrogacy and Guardianship Agreements average 65 pages in length and are extremely comprehensive.


Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Embryo Adoption/Donation, Non-Traditional Parenting Agreements

  • Ms. Danciu has extensive experience drafting these various agreements and has drafted several hundred in her career. Each of these agreements is drafted to protect the rights of the parties and tailored to each individual situation. For example, a brother wants to donate his sperm to his brother so that the brother can have a child with his wife.


Ms. Danciu is able to give advice on all of the above matters drawing on her 30 plus years of experience in the legal as well as medically related fields. She offers ideas, suggestions, understanding and compassion that each of her clients deserve in these often complex processes.


Gift of Adoption Fund


Gift of Adoption Fund

This nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation provides grants to adoptive parents in order to alleviate the financial burden of the adoption process. Its singular mission is to support adoption by providing funding to build bridges of hope for children and their families.

Visit their website at www.giftofadoption.org for more information or call 877-905-2367 or E-mail: info@giftofadoption.org.

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