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So You Want A Baby?

So You Want A Baby?

Valuable information from experienced Attorney as you consider Adoption and Surrogacy

Attorney Charlotte H. Danciu, has been providing legal services in these most important fields of Law since graduating from Florida State University College of Law in 1980. Her passion for assisting families grew as she obtained her undergraduate degree in Exceptional Child Education and then trained as an emergency medical technician before going to law school.

Her passion continued and propelled her throughout her career as she became recognized worldwide as an expert, a leader and a trailblazer in these fields. Ms. Danciu is well qualified to skillfully and compassionately take on your representation in the fields of Surrogacy, Egg, Sperm, and Embryo donation as well as all types of Adoptions.

As an adoptive and biological mother herself, Ms.Danciu understands the intense emotions involved with becoming a parent. Ms. Danciu also appreciates that you must have confidence that your lawyer is experienced and well qualified to assist you with your legal needs in the often challenging, emotionally taxing and often complicated legal processes of “family formation”.

Ms Danciu is one of a small select group of lawyers who have devoted their practice (and a good part of their lives) to representing and assisting clients with Surrogacy, Egg, Sperm, and Embryo Donation and Adoption Law matters. Ms. Danciu is responsible for spearheading passage of the excellent Laws in the State of Florida in the areas of Reproduction and Adoption. Ms. Danciu was also a founding member of the Florida Adoption Council and is a member of the charter class of Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Attorneys in the State of Florida.

Surrogacy became legal in Florida in 1992 and remains a complicated process to this day. Ms. Danciu can provide comprehensive legal and support services for either form of surrogacy, Gestational or Traditional. As a Lawyer with her home office in Delray Beach, Florida, Ms. Danciu provides representation and counsel to clients form around the world. Her location is ideally located close to major airports for in person meetings and she is always available by Skype, zoom, and telephonically.

Ms. Danciu’s law firm is a full-service law firm in both Reproductive Law matters and Adoption Law. She handles not only the legal matters such as preparing legal documents and contracts and attending Court appearances, but she and her staff assist in all matters related to the Surrogacy, Donation or Adoption. She locates, interviews, and prescreens qualified Surrogates as well as birthparents who seek to place a child for Adoption. And most importantly. Ms. Danciu and her staff facilitate all important communication between all the parties in the various processes.

Ms. Danciu is fortunate to have an experienced, caring, and compassionate paralegal team to assist her. They are also very willing to talk about the process or just to listen and lend the support that is necessary when you are not only providing legal services but making a difference in people’s lives.

Legal Complications Arising from Assisted Reproduction

By: Charlotte Danciu, Esq. |  Family Law Attorney

As Assisted Reproduction became more popular, so many questions arose and needed to be addressed. For example, who has parental rights to a child when it is born to a Surrogate? Chapter 742 of the Florida Statutes only addressed legal proceedings after the birth of the child to establish parentage and parental rights. Yet the Statue also says that the “Intended Parents or Commissioning Parents” are to take immediate custody and assume parental responsibility immediately at the birth. The Surrogate has no rights after the child emerges from her body under Chapter 742 but try to explain that to a doctor when a decision needs to be made whether to resuscitate a 23-week preemie that belongs to someone else in the delivery room. Thus, a true life and death conflict of rights exists when a child comes out of one woman’s body but belongs to another woman (or a man).

Or what about the case of a botched delivery? Who has the right to sue on behalf of the child? Who has damages if no prebirth Order of parental rights has been entered? Is the baby a “legal orphan” and thus no loss to anyone? Fortunately, our judiciary has agreed with my position that a prebirth Order of Declaratory Judgement of Parental Rights pending Entry of an Order of Expedited Affirmation of Parental Status or Pre planned Adoption is appropriate and necessary. The prebirth Order is still subject to entry of the post birth Order confirming the correct embryo was transferred to the Surrogate’s uterus, but we have done our best to protect the respective rights and responsibilities of all the parties, including the child… Read more

Eliminate the stress of the legal process in Assisted Reproduction or a Florida Adoption

Creating a family through Surrogacy or Adoption or other avenues of family formation can be very stressful. Having an experienced and caring attorney handle the legal matters can eliminate some of the stress of the process. Ms. Danciu and her team do just that! Ms. Danciu skillfully and carefully navigates and follows all legal requirements of Florida Law. This gives you the peace of mind that everything will be handled properly, and your goals achieved.

In Surrogacy, Ms. Danciu helps Intended Parents find Surrogates as well as Surrogates find Intended Parents. She has also facilitated egg, sperm and embryo donations connecting donors to recipients. Ms. Danciu personally interviews everyone in an effort respect each person’s needs and desires. Ms Danciu can represent Intended Parents, Surrogates, Egg, Sperm, and Embryo donors and Recipients, but she cannot simultaneously represent parties in a matter where there is a potential conflict. In those cases, she can refer the other party to an outside attorney.

In adoption, Ms. Danciu typically represents the Adoptive parent or parents. But she can act as Intermediary for the birthparents. Ms. Danciu has handled over 2000 adoptions in her career. These have included newborn adoptions, stepparent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, adult adoptions, single parent adoptions and second parent adoptions. Ms. Danciu has been instrumental in the formation of Florida Laws which are some of the best laws in the County. Ms. Danciu has successfully handled many high-profile cases which have gained National and worldwide attention and through her efforts in these cases and extensive lobbying, laws have been incorporated into Florida Statutes that are in the best interest of all parties, especially the Adoptee.

Ms. Danciu handles all legal aspects of the various processes. Many cases require management of escrow for payment of expenses such as living expenses of a Surrogate or a birthmother. Ms. Danciu’s trust accounting practices are managed by her Office Manager, Doreen Richardson. Ms. Richardson has been with the practice for close to thirty years. All trust accounting is in compliance with the requirements of the Florida Bar. Ms. Richardson also assists with the often arduous tasks of paying and negotiation medical bills and insurance coverage. All procedural aspects, such as obtaining birth certificates and passports are also part of our services to our clients.

When you retain Ms. Danciu, you will have a complete outline of the services to be provided to you and the estimated fees and costs involved. The cost of services varies from case to case. For that reason, we do not publish an “a la carte” fee schedule. It will be necessary for Ms. Danciu to speak to you to access your needs and determine your fees and costs. We understand many aspects of these processes take their toll on you financially as well as emotionally. For that reason, we pledge to work with you to give you the very best representation to the highest professional standards as you certainly deserve in these very important matters.

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Compassionate Legal Counsel For Your Family’s Unique Needs

Not only does Ms. Danciu practice surrogacy law, but she can also provide services as an Adoption Lawyer or Adult Adoption Lawyer. With over 2,000 successful adoptions over the course of her career, it can be guaranteed that you will receive the best adoption services in Delray Beach, Florida. With some of the best adoption laws in the country, Florida is an excellent place to choose to start a family. Birth parents cannot revoke their consent after signing a contract unless in the scenario of a child being over the age of six months. If this is the case, the parents have up to three days to change their minds.

With complicated rules and procedures, it is highly recommended to retain the services of an experienced Adoption Lawyer to assist you along the way. In Delray Beach, Florida, the adoption process can be started and finalized within 90 days. The expertise of an Adoption Lawyer can only serve to simplify and expedite that process. If you are unsure or concerned about any aspect of the adoption process, Ms. Danciu can pull from her experience of over 2,000 successful adoption cases and provide any pertinent information. If you are seeking the services of an Adult Adoption Lawyer, Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law, is a fantastic resource. While it remains a complicated process, adult adoptions do not require parental consent. If you are in Delray Beach, FL, and have any questions or concerns about surrogacy or adoption, contact Ms. Danciu and her expert legal team right away.

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