Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law.
Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law.

Representation of Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers, providing a qualified Surrogate, Matching of Surrogate Mothers with qualified Intended parents, Surrogacy Contract and Legal Proceedings.

  • Both types of surrogacy are legal in Florida. In fact, Florida has some of the best surrogacy laws in the world.
  • A gestational surrogate in Florida may not keep a child she gives birth to. A traditional surrogate (artificial insemination) has 48 hours after birth to rescind her consent to the agreement. A surrogate may be paid expenses during the process.
  • Danciu personally locates and prescreens surrogates for her intended parent clients. She also locates intended parents for women who wish to be surrogates. She and her staff of experienced paralegals assist in all steps in the process in addition to the legal, such as securing medical care and managing the escrow disbursements for the surrogate’s expenses as outlined in a Surrogacy Agreement.
  • Danciu will secure a pre-birth order giving the intended parent or parent’s rights at their child’s birth. She will then obtain a post-birth order placing the intended parent’s names on their child’s birth certificate. There is no “adoption” of the child. Ms. Danciu attends all court appearances for the Intended parents. Their appearance is not necessary. There also is no residency requirement. for Surrogacy
  • Ms. Danciu has handled hundreds of Surrogacy matters since Surrogacy became legal in Florida in 1992. Her Surrogacy Agreements are extremely comprehensive and average between 70 and 80 pages addressing the needs of all the parties and the future child including parental rights, monetary compensation and guardianship.

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Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law.

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