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Adoption of newborn and older children in Florida

  • Florida has some of the best Adoption Laws in the Country.
  • Birth parents may be provided living expenses during pregnancy and for 6 weeks after birth.
  • Birthparents may select and meet the adoptive parents of their child as well as receive photos in the future
  • Birthparents’ consent are final and may not be revoked unless a child is older than 6 months of age
    Adoptions in Florida are eligible to be finalized in person or by zoom be finalized in 90 days.

Stepparent Adoptions, Grandparent Adoptions, Adult Adoptions, Single Parent Adoptions, Adult Adoptions

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Laws in these areas vary. Ms.Danciu regularly handles representation each of these type cases with proficiency, skill, and understanding. Recognizing how important and unique each case is, Ms. Danciu takes the time to explain the process and offer support in the various scenarios.

Adoption In Florida
Adoption In Florida
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