Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law.

Finding A Reputable Adoption AgencyAs an adoption attorney, I’ll speak for myself. I have a number of profiles of adoptive parents who have come to me because of my reputation and experience of 35 years. I work with families of different backgrounds, religions, family makeup etc. I’ve been personally screened and can help get background checks, law enforcement checks and home studies.

What Would You Say Is The Draw To Your Firm To Handle Setting Up And Researching The Adoption Process?  What Sets You Apart From Other Adoption Attorneys In Florida?

My experience includes over 2000 adoptions, as well as being an adoptive mother myself.  Many of my staff have adopted as well. I know many happy families I’ve worked with who still are in touch with me and keeping me posted on their progress in life. I also know many adopted children I’ve worked with  who came to me to meet their birth parents.  My experience, dedication and personalized approach are what set me apart. With our team, you’re not shuffled among six different social workers, and we sincerely care about your success.

What Are Those Major Differences That Should Be And Will Be Important To A Birth Mother When It All Comes Down To It?

Much of the problem comes from the fact that most people consult Google to seek adoption support. Due to this, a young lady in Fort Lauderdale might think she’s talking to an adoption attorney in Fort Lauderdale but she’s really talking to a large corporation based in Arizona that casts a huge net for clients. Instead, it’s wisest to work with a local adoption expert with over 35 years of experience who will personally investigate the adopting family. With a corporate enterprise, you are not going to get the personalized attention you would from a genuine person, who will likely be available to personally answer the phone 24×7. We know babies aren’t only born on Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, and we’re local so we are willing to visit you and take care of you. We also show utmost respect to birth mothers, recognizing their maturity and capacity, regardless of age. Even if they’re 16, they need to be respected for the choice that they’re making to carry a baby to term to then give the child to another family. This is a tremendous sacrifice which demands respect. These qualities highlight the difference in working with a private attorney as opposed to dealing with a profit-minded adoption agency.

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