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I’m Pregnant And Considering AdoptionIf you are currently pregnant and considering adoption, the best way to start is to identify a trustworthy adoption attorney. You can also consider an adoption agency, but for the most individualized experience it’s always best to contact our law office where you will have access to an expert in adoption procedures. At our office, we will discuss what you’re looking for in an adoptive family and consider your personal and financial needs. Fortunately, in this circumstance there are public assistance opportunities available for rent, groceries, utility bills, transportation costs, and expenses accrued from medical care.

An attorney will reach out to the family interested in adopting the child. An attorney will also set up a meeting, help find an adoption match, or help decide if you’re going to have an open or closed adoption.

The court process is very smooth and non-invasive in Florida. I’ve personally been involved in creating the adoption laws in Florida. You don’t have to go to court, you don’t have to go before a judge, but you must be sure of your final decision. In Florida, you can’t change your mind after you placed the child after its born.

As A Birth Mother, Do I Get To Choose The Adoptive Family For My Baby?

As the birth mother, you get to choose the family for your baby. You will also meet the family if you would like to. Further, in many cases you can continue to have interactions with them during the pregnancy and afterwards.

As A Birth Mother, What Are My Options When It Comes To Placing A Child For Adoption In Florida?

Choosing between an open or closed adoption is a critical element to consider. Other important options are deciding whether you want to meet the family, choosing the family, and taking steps to be provided with financial assistance and medical care.

It’s also important during this time to lean into the support coming from your attorney, the legal staff, as well as the adoptive parents.

What Medical Expenses Can The Adoptive Parents Cover For Me As A Birth Mother?

The medical expenses covered by adoptive parents is usually anything not covered by your insurance. They will be willing to do so because it’s important to have a healthy child and to preserve the health of the mother as well.

Will I Have Contact With The Adoptive Parents Before The Adoption Is Final?

You will have contact with the adoptive parents before the adoption is final. Birth mothers and birth fathers often have meetings, go to lunch, dinner, or have phone calls during the pregnancy and after the baby is born. Everybody is different in terms of the ongoing relationship. Most people exchange pictures and letters. A few people have visitation. It’s up to the parties involved but generally, the birth parent does want the child to bond to the adoptive parent. Thus, everyone must have the child’s best interest in mind when discussing future contact.

Will I Need The Biological Father’s Permission To Place An Unborn Child Or Child For Adoption In Florida?

In Florida, the birth father must financially and emotionally support a woman when she’s pregnant if he wants to be able to retell an adoption plan. The mother does not have to name the father, but we do ask who the father is. If she knows who he is or where he is we will ask him to consent pre-birth, in which he can consent the adoption. Otherwise, we serve him with papers that state “You have 30 days to come up with a plan on how you’re going to financially and emotionally support this woman who is pregnant with your child”. If they cannot do that, then we don’t need consent for adoption.

There is also a specific provision in the law that outlines the responsibility for adults having sex to recognize their responsibility to be prepared for a potential pregnancy. If the biological father is not in contact during the time of the pregnancy for whatever reason, they can register as the father later through the putative father registry. If registered, no one will be able to do an adoption without first providing notice of the adoption plan. We must get the clearance from the putative father registry in all adoptions.

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