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If you are considering adoption during pregnancy, knowing your legal rights is imperative in ensuring this process will unfold seamlessly. As a birth mother, you deserve to be able to successfully plan out your pregnancy to best serve your interests for you and your child. Working with this area of law requires a nuanced compassion and dedication to just outcomes, specifically as the ramifications can be daunting if mismanaged. Many obstacles could arise at any point in your pregnancy. Through experienced legal representation, you will be provided with as much information and support as possible to help you prepare for, avoid, and navigate through any of these challenges.

At Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law, we are dedicated to serving birth mothers as they decide what is best for their situations. We offer unbiased support and guidance to ensure our clients know their options and legal rights.

How Does The Adoption Process Work In Florida?

Any adult above 18 may be eligible to adopt a child. However, many determining factors affect eligibility, not to mention lengthy waiting lists, depending on the adoptive parents’ specifications and the intermediary agency chosen. To ensure the child’s safety and to maximize the compatibility between the child and adoptive parents, agencies working with both parties will do their best to conduct the necessary checks and verifications.

In preparation for the adoption process, your attorney will also gather pertinent information and compose the contracts necessary to ensure your needs are met, and your rights are protected. In addition, adoption agencies help to educate and prepare the new parent or family unit for the upcoming chapter. These licensed organizations can also work with social services and attorneys to streamline the process from beginning to end.

Once the child is placed with an adoptive family, the social workers or private agents of the adoption agency follow up for a mandatory 90 days, with a minimum of one visit per month. This process verifies that the family fulfills the child’s needs and that bonding unfolds smoothly.

What Are My Rights As A Birth Mother?

In Florida, a birth mother cannot lawfully consent to the adoption of her child until 48 hours after birth or until she has been released from the hospital. Upon signing the adoption consent forms, the contract is effective immediately and is, in most circumstances, binding. In some cases, consent can be withdrawn – for example, if she can prove to the court that she was under duress while signing the documents. Otherwise, if the child is over six months, she has the right to withdraw from the adoption within the first three days.

Who Must Legally Consent To The Adoption?

  • The birth mother
  • The birth father, if
    • The minor was born or conceived while the biological father was married to the birth mother
    • The minor is his adopted child
    • The minor has been previously declared as the child of the father by the court
    • He has filed for paternity (s.381.013(2)(c))
    • He has acknowledged his biological paternity with the presence of an eligible witness, complying with the requirements of s.63.062(2), & filed the necessary paperwork with the Office of Vital Statistics of the Department of Health
  • The court determines custody stating otherwise of the minor in cases where the person possessing physical custody of the minor has no authority to consent
  • The minor themselves, if 12 years of age or older
  • Any other custody-entitled person, at the discretion of the court

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Adoption is a life-changing experience for every party involved. For this reason, taking advantage of your rights is a critical component in successfully carrying out this life event—the best way to begin your journey and find out more about your options as a birth mother. Consult an experienced niche attorney to get you on the right foot. At Charlotte H. Danciu law firm, we can provide you with quality, compassionate representation.

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