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Dedicated Adoption And Surrogacy Lawyer In Florida

Attorney Charlotte Danciu works with all parties involved in the adoption and surrogacy processes. She dedicated her career to serving surrogates, birth mothers, and adoptive parents in the Port St. Lucie area. With over four decades of experience and a distinct passion for helping others, Ms. Danciu is an unmatched advocate.

What Surrogacy Laws Exist In Florida?

Florida is notorious for its forward surrogacy laws, one of the many reasons that Attorney Charlotte Danciu established her practice there. Though Florida laws are more favorable than not concerning surrogacy, a lawyer's expertise is indispensable.

Types Of Surrogacy

Florida allows both traditional and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy tends to have more legal risks, whereas gestational surrogacy follows a similar legal path to adoption. Either route requires the guidance of a legal professional.


Compensation for surrogacy, also known as commercial surrogacy, is legal in Florida and intended to cover the associated costs and risks that the birth mother may procure.


Surrogacy contracts are binding agreements between the intended parents and the surrogate to ensure a smooth transition. For example, one component of the contract is that the intended parents will accept parental rights regardless of any impairments of the child.

These contracts must also include assurance that the surrogate will:

  • Consent to medical intervention and management of the pregnancy
  • Allow reasonable medical treatment
  • Agree to follow medical instructions
  • Give up all legal rights to the child after birth
  • Assume legal rights and parental responsibilities for the child if neither intended parent is related to the child

What Does An Adoption And Surrogacy Lawyer Do?

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The most important aspect of the adoption and surrogacy process is legality. Therefore, an adoption and surrogacy lawyer is crucial. To protect the rights of all parties in adoption or surrogacy agreements, an experienced attorney will draft and finalize the surrogacy contract and manage any financial aspects. A Florida adoption and surrogacy lawyer will be privy to the state and federal laws, ensuring that every step of the proceedings is lawful and handled in a way that accommodates clients and those involved in the agreement.

In addition to the legal security, Attorney Charlotte Danciu and her firm assist with the actual step-by-step process by offering an individualized a free initial consultation that provides an overview and breakdown of the various procedures.

Legal services also include:

  • Discussing your options and what you are looking for in a surrogate or adoptive family
  • Selecting and screening potential adoptive parents and surrogates
  • Verifying the health and mental stability of surrogates
  • Assessing personal and financial needs
  • Assisting with financial assistance opportunities
  • Communicating with all parties and coordinating meetings
  • Navigating you through the court system
  • And much more!

When Does A Birth Mother Need Representation?

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Birth mothers may require legal representation as soon as they know they are pregnant. An attorney can assist with the process and review the options with their client. Should a birth mother decide to go the adoption route, the attorney would then ensure that they are not taken advantage of and that the entire undertaking is done in accordance with Florida adoption laws. To have the best possible experience, retain a tenured adoption attorney that will provide incomparable support and guidance.

All in all, adoption attorneys strive to prioritize the needs of the birth mother due to the strenuous and emotionally-taxing endeavor of carrying a child. Your adoption lawyer will ensure that the birth mother's well-being is considered during the pregnancy and after the birth. While not required, many attorneys recommend counseling or therapy for clients to protect their mental health.

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