Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law.
  1. Adoption Of Newborn Infants, Children, Adults
    • Representation of Birth Parents, Couples, Singles, Step Parents, Grandparents, LGBTQ
    • Interstate Adoption Placements
    • Domestication of Foreign Adoptions
    • Financial, Living, and Medical Expenses paid to birth parents such as rent, groceries and medical care
    • Offering an Abortion Alternative in an unplanned pregnancy
    • Open, semi open, and closed adoptions available
    • Adoption Reunion Information… Read more
  2. Gestational And Traditional Surrogacy
    • Representation of Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers
    • Providing a qualified Surrogate
    • Matching of Surrogate Mothers with qualified Intended parents
    • Surrogacy Contract and Legal Proceedings
    • Establishing Parental Rights of Intended Parents through pre birth Court Orders and post birth Court Orders, Birth Certificates, and Passports… Read more
  3. Additional Services
    • Egg Donor and Sperm Donor Agreements
    • Non-Traditional Parenting Agreements
    • Cooperative Parenting and Coordination
    • Embryo Donation and Adoption Proceedings
    • Establishment of Paternity
    • Juvenile Dependency
    • DCF (Department of Children and Families) proceedings and adoptions
    • Notary Public
    • Marriages… Read more
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