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Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A.: A Thoughtful Adoption and Surrogacy Lawyer

The process of adopting or becoming a surrogacy parent is one that is filled with joy and excitement. Nonetheless, there are innate intricacies that often prove to be legally overwhelming for potential parents. Attorney Charlotte Danciu knows the particularities of the adoption and surrogacy process, and her thoughtful guidance plays a crucial role in a calm and considerate approach to these types of cases.

With over 40 years of experience in this unique sect of the legal field, Charlotte Danciu has cultivated an incredibly thorough understanding of the proper procedures in order to help potential parents through this wonderful, yet complex process. As both an adoptive and biological parent herself, Attorney Charlotte Danciu is not only an expert in the legal proceedings but the emotional factors that are often at play in these cases.

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Why Might I Need A Surrogacy Lawyer In Boca Raton, FL?

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In general, surrogacy laws are complicated and often affect peoples’ ability to become surrogacy parents. Luckily, Florida is fairly lenient when it comes to surrogacy laws, so there are a variety of options available for potential parents. Surrogacy law attorneys play a crucial role in helping one determine if they are eligible to be surrogate parents. As a traditional surrogacy attorney with immense experience in the field, Attorney Charlotte Danciu has seen the evolution of surrogacy laws and uses this knowledge to determine the most appropriate approach to each case.

Given the intensive paperwork and contract-writing process that surrogacy requires, this undoubtedly demands the critical need for a competent and confident reproductive law attorney to oversee the details and ensure that the process is done properly and within the legal bounds of the process. One of the major documents that require special attention is a Surrogacy Contract. A Surrogacy Contract is a document that outlines the terms and agreement between the surrogate (and their spouse, if applicable) and the intended parents. Working with a surrogacy lawyer to ensure this document (and others like it) is properly written is especially important in the surrogacy process for both parties.

Additionally, agreements for egg and sperm donors are important documents that a sperm/egg donation lawyer drafts in order to protect the rights of both parties. Attorney Charlotte Danciu is a highly qualified egg and sperm donation lawyer that prioritizes the rights of her clients, and she does so drawing from her 40 years of legal and medical experience in the field.

What Can An Adoption Lawyer Do For Me In Boca Raton, FL?

Adoption is an important and monumental moment in a parent’s life, that’s why having adequate legal representation along the way is such an important part of ensuring a smooth and untroubled process. Charlotte Danciu is a skilled adoption lawyer that acknowledges the importance of this role and is more than willing to employ her immense legal expertise for your adoption case. Given that the laws surrounding adoption tend to vary, having an attorney to help answer questions and ease the legal stress is a huge asset to any adoption process. Whether you are adopting a child, or are looking into adopting an adult, a child and adult adoptions lawyer knows the particulars of many different adoption cases, enabling you to make the best decisions moving forward.

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Why Choose Charlotte H. Danciu, P.A. Attorney at Law?

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Attorney Charlotte Danciu’s experience speaks for itself. Her casework has shown throughout her more than 40 years in the field her competency and commitment to the legal profession, and the unique cases that adoption and surrogacy present. Our firm prides itself on the rights and legal protections of our clients, and we strive to make certain that we put the proper time and devotion into each and every case.

If you are looking into the possibility of adoption or surrogacy, please do not hesitate to call our office for an initial consultation today.

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