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Floridians understand the importance of family, the miracle made possible through surrogacy, which makes a way for a relative, friend, or even a stranger to give the gift of a child. Surrogacy allows you to have a biological child even if you cannot conceive. Florida’s family focused laws also allow any parent or family to enjoy the surrogacy process.

Need A Florida Surrogacy Attorney?

If you are seeking to be a parent through means other than natural conception and child birth, the good news is Florida’s laws support those wanting to become parents as well as those wanting to help others become parents through surrogacy. Jacksonville, Florida Attorney Charlotte H. Danciu, Professional Association (P.A.), represents parents and surrogate mothers as well as those seeking traditional adoption. She has assisted with several successful surrogacies and adoptions for her clients

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U.S. Residents Seeking To Become Parents

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If you are seeking to be a parent, the two means of surrogacy, gestational and traditional surrogacy, are both legal in Florida. And surrogacy in Florida does not require intended parents live in the state. Ms. Danciu, a reproductive law attorney, has handled hundreds of surrogacy matters since 1992. She personally matches, locates, and, pre-screens promising surrogates, the host or birth mother of your child. Her twenty-years of experience make her remarkably qualified to help you through the process, which includes creating agreements that are extremely comprehensive to address the needs of all the parties and the future child.

Florida laws also protect your rights as the intended parent of the child. A gestational surrogate (the process where a person carries a pregnancy for someone else) may not keep a child the person gives birth to, and a traditional surrogate (artificial insemination) has 48 hours after birth to change their mind and keep the child.

Florida Residents Seeking To Become Surrogates

If you are pregnant and searching for the right parents for your child, Ms. Danciu, a traditional surrogacy attorney located in Jacksonville, Florida, has the experience and tools to locate them. If you wish to be an egg donor or sperm donor, Ms. Danciu possesses that expertise as an egg and sperm donation lawyer. If you are not pregnant, and wish to help others have a child, Ms. Danciu and her team of surrogacy law attorneys can help match you to those seeking to become parents. Compensation for surrogacy starts at $35,000, which the surrogacy agreement outlines.

The basic requirements of becoming a surrogate are:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 42
  • Have given birth before
  • Live in Florida
  • Have a BMI less than 32*

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59 158 69 216
60 163 70 222
61 169 71 229
62 175 72 235
63 180 73 242
64 186 74 249
65 192 75 256
66 198 76 263
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Those Seeking To Adopt

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If you are seeking to become adoptive parents, as an adoption lawyer Ms. Danciu can assist your adoption of a child, teen, a stepchild, a relative, or even an adult.

There are four different kinds of adoptions in Florida.

  • Entity Adoption: made through an agency or go-between.
  • Stepparent And Close Relative Adoption: one spouse adopting the biological child of the other spouse, or a close relative adopting a biological child of a family member.
  • Adult Adoptions: stepparent-stepchild, an adult child with a serious disability, and/or establishing valid inheritance rights
  • Children Over The Age Of 12: who are required to consent to the adoption.

Because adoption laws are complex and vary, you can count on Ms. Danciu to take the time to explain the related laws, the process, and provide support.

Surrogacy/Adoption Contracts

Regardless of the way you become parents or help others to become parents, the importance of a surrogacy/adoption contract to outline the terms between the intended parents and the surrogate is crucial. To protect parties, this is not the place for a DIY agreement. Florida Statue §742.15 requires specific items related to the surrogate. Ms Danciu has the extensive experience in creating this agreement with these specific items.

Contacting Ms. Charlotte H. Danciu

Again, if you are thinking about growing you family through surrogacy, adoption, or need a reproductive law attorney in the Jacksonville, Florida area, please contact Ms. Charlotte H. Danciu, about advice on the following topics and other questions:

  • Florida’s Surrogacy Laws
  • Surrogacy being Legal
  • Traditional Surrogacy
  • Compensated Surrogacy
  • Surrogate Insurance in Florida
  • Same-Sex Surrogacy
  • Surrogacy vs. Adoption
  • Finding a Surrogacy Match
  • Terms of a Surrogacy Agreement
  • Working with a Surrogacy Attorney

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